Durham electoral district's little piece of the planet includes the Municipality of Clarington, Port Perry and Scugog Township, Uxbridge and Uxbridge Township and the Mississaugas of Scugog Island, Ontario.

Virginia Ervin - Nominated candidate

Durham Greens are pleased to announce that Virginia Ervin will represent the Green Party in the by-election Monday November 26.

"Virginia was our candidate in 2004 and 2006 and will do an excellent job communicating the platform of the Green Party to a riding that is seeking someone to represent their values," said Green Party of Canada Leader and MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands Elizabeth May.

Ervin has lived in Hampton for most of her life. As the Green Candidate for Durham in 2004 and 2006 Federal Election, she attained over 4% of the popular vote in both elections.

"This riding is my home. I would be honoured to represent these constituents, my neighbours, with a strong and persistent voice in Ottawa," said Ervin. "Green Party of Canada Leader, Elizabeth May, the 'country's hardest-working politician', is the real Opposition to Stephen Harper. Just imagine the positive impact if we sent other Green MPs to join her in the House of Commons."

To help with the campaign, please contact
Rebecca Harrison
Sr. Organizer, Green Party of Canada

Durham By-Election Called

The Durham federal by-election has been called for Monday November 26.

There's more to this vote than figuring out which Conservative will replace disgraced former MP Bev Oda. It's about making a statement against just going with the flow, it's about saying loud and clear, 'I want a better future for my children and grandchildren'.

To help the Greens in this campaign, please contact Rebecca Harrison, Green Party of Canada regional organizer, 905-999-5479 rebecca.harrison@greenparty.ca.

Ramping up for Durham by-election

Durham MP Bev Oda's resignation means there will be a federal by-election but it could be up to six months before the date is announced. Durham Greens will be ramping up to contest the election. Please contact riding association CEO Virginia Ervin through the contact page.

Help the Kitchener-Waterloo By-Election Team

Kitchener-Waterloo Greens nominated Stacey Danckert as the candidate in the upcoming by-election.

By-elections are a great opportunity for parties to focus all their resources on one riding and, with the help of technology, you can participate in the campaign. You can help by making a few dozen free phone calls. This will help Stacey's campaign by finding every Green voter in Kitchener-Waterloo, and enlisting more volunteers to run a great campaign.

Edward Yaghledjian for Durham

Edward Yaghledjian will be our Green Party of Ontario Candidate in the upcoming provincial election.

Edward was voted in by Durham provincial riding association members at the formal nomination meeting Monday August 22 in Port Perry. Duane Cook, CFO for the riding association was the returning officer.

We also extend a big thank you to Mike Cameron for his run at the nomination.

Formal proceedings were followed by a great talk by our keynote speaker, Judy Smith-Torrie, Deputy Leader, Green Party of Ontario, and a fundraising pledge auction. The newly nominated candidate got a big boost of funding to kick off his campaign. Coffee and snacks provided by Queen Beans Coffee House, 180 Queen Street, Port Perry.

Thanks also to the volunteers from the federal riding association and supporters from Oshawa and Whitby who helped with all the tasks to organize a meeting like this and run the pledge auction. We extend a special note of thanks to Provincial Green Party organizer Halyna Zalucky who has the enormous task of helping with 107 ridings province-wide.

Edward will be building his campaign team and more details will be announced as they become available. In the interim, if you wish to be a volunteer or a contributor, contact Louis Bertrand <lbertrand@gpo.ca> 905-259-8925

From Edward Yaghledjian

Please welcome our two contestants for the Green Party nomination in Durham for the October 6 Provincial election.

They are Edward Yaghledjian and Mike Cameron. The nomination meeting is set for Monday August 22 (7pm). See the event notice.

See below for a message from Edward. A message from Mike is posted on a separate page.

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